Recent Purchases

I recently purchased a few skin care and hair items from National Pharmacies and have been impressed with them so far - so I thought I would share them!

Last year I shared with you my skincare routine. It has not changed since then (although I have been a bit lazy wih it over the last couple of months), but the products I choose to use has!

I have gone back to using a couple of Natio products. I have always liked Natio and these products are definitely impressing me.

1. Natio Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser

The combination of ingredients means this facial cleanser both feels and smells great. Its light weight and has so far left my skin feeling smooth. It really cleanses my skin and when I come to tone, I have hardly any product left on my face.

2. Natio Gentle Skin Toner

This toner smells amazing. It is probably the best smelling toner I have used (NB: I haven't used that many!) I have found that some toners can be very overpowering but this toner is once again lightweight and feels lovely on my skin. 

NB: Do not use toner near your eyes (both on top of the lid and under the eye) as this skin is very sensitive. You can get special eye make-up remover (my next investment) which is gentler on the skin. 

3. Lee Stafford Argon Oil - from Morocco

My hair is so thick and lately has been pretty frizzy and a little bit out of control. I have swapped shampoo and Conditioner but it is still not how I want it! (I am also growing out my fringe which causes me endless grief in the mornings when I'm doing my hair!)

While I was in National pharmacies, I discovered this product. I have tried a similar product that came out of my August "Lust Have It" beauty box and have also tried a tiny bit of the famous Morccon Oil. 

This product has been working a treat in my hair. I will admit, my hair is naturally pretty curly, but usually if I don't style it after I wash it or the morning after I wash it, they are crazy curls! 

The other night after washing my hair, I took a small amount (you don't need much! Not even a full pump) and worked it though the ends if my hair up to the root. The picture below pretty much shows what my hair looked like when I woke up! I applied another small pump to my hair before work and took this picture later that night. My hair has never looked this good naturally! And the Argonoil smells amazing. Safe to say I'll be giving this product a try again!

If you live in Australia, I would recommend you get a National Pharmacies membership. It's only $40-$50 ish a year for a single person membership, but I will get back that money after my first two visits! The discount is amazing (even off of prescription medicine)

I hope some of you might consider trying these products or let me know of others you have tried and loved! 

- J x

(NB: This is not a sponsored post)

Inspirational Quote

Image from Pinterest

I found this quote on Pinterest the other day that has pretty much summed up the change I've had lately when looking at my life. I am the kind of person who needs to know what it happening next, and have had a rough plan of my life in my head since I was 17 or 18. I find it really hard to just "go with the flow".

I know that plans are great sometimes, and a lot of times "going with the flow" is not easy (especially for me) and there are times when "going with the flow" is not practical. But just sometimes, "going with the flow" is the right thing to do. 

My Favourite part of this quote "things will work out, maybe not how you planned, but just how it's meant to be" says it all. Stop worrying about things and it will all work out. 

I know this will relate to a lot of people in many different ways. We are only here once! There is no point stressing over things. Just enjoy each day as it comes. 

- J x