Spring Colour | My 2013 Favourite

I discovered this colour before we went away a couple of months ago and have completely fallen in love with it.

It is a mix of pink / tangerine / coral and will be perfect to wear for Spring and Summer.

I have picked up a few products recently in this colour, keeping in mind I probably won't wear them all at the same time incase I over do it!

Maybelline colour sensational in 910 "Shocking Coral"

The newest product in my pink / tangerine / coral collection, I picked this lipstick up from National Pharmacies for around $10! It feels nice to wear and looks absolutely gorgeous.

 Sportsgirl Lipgloss in the colour "Summer Holiday"

  I wore this nearly everyday whilst we were away! I think this would look gorgeours paired with the Maybelline lipstick :) Sportsgirl had this out for around $10.

Swatch of "Shocking Coral" & "Summer Holiday"

Natio Nail Colour in the colour "Wonder"

I love this nail polish. Another item I wore nearly everyday whilst we were in Coolangatta. It went with nearly every outfit which is a big plus. Another $10 pick up from National Pharmacies. 
 (It looks a bit red in the photo but it is definitely not!)

Do you have a colour you are looking forward to wearing for Spring / Summer? I have noticed a neon trend happening with clothes this year - not sure I could pull off a neon lip however!

 - J x

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$5 in Paris | Knitted Jumper

Wool: Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic in Coral and Java ($12 a ball)
My project: Click here

I have had this jumper in my Ravely library for over a year now and only just got around to knitting it! I thought that it would be way too hard for me, but it turned out to be a suprisingly easy jumper to knit.

It also did not take very long which is a big plus in my books as I can get bored with projects quite easily if they are too long and complicated. 

I am going to make this a regular feature on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled for my next installment!

- J x

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Ironing Table | The Making Of

I have been wanting to make an small ironing table for a while now and my partner finally got around to helping me this weekend!

The idea came from this post from The Crafty Cupboard. I had a look around for a cute tray table, but couldn't find one that I liked / that suited my needs. Luckily my partner is a qualified carpenter, so I set him the task of building me a table.

cutting it to size // working out placement // almost there! just need some stabilisation

Once he had finished, I attached the fabric as per The Crafty Cupboard post and then painted it the slightly grey/white colour of our side tables.

I love it! It is so handy, and if you had a TV table lying around, it would be so easy to make :)
- J x

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NOTD | Pink Foil

Since I have stopped biting my nails (click here to see how) and they are finally growing, I am starting to get back into nail art.

I decided to give these nail foils another try. The pink is the Miki nail polish featured here in my Miki haul.
I will definitely be browsing my nail board on Pinterest for some more inspiration!

- J x

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Serving Tray | Makeover

I was having a clean out at work the other day, and I found this old wooden tray that we no longer use. I have seen a lot of serving tray makeovers on Pinterest and knew this would come up a treat with a little bit of TLC!

Step 1 | I gave the tray a light sand. This gets rid of any existing polish etc. and primes it for the paint. It also smoothed out any imperfections in the wood.

Step 2 | I painted the tray in the greyish white I used here for our sidetables.

Step 3 | After picking a paper pattern from Melz Stampz here (she has the most gorgeous patterns - all free to use but please check out her disclaimer!), I used Mod Podge to stick the paper to the bottom of the tray. 

Step 4 | To protect the paint and the paper, I gave the whole thing a coat of clear varnish.

I love the finished look. And to think we were going to chuck this tray in the bin!

- J x

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Mini Haul | Miki

Yesterday I went shopping at Burnside Village with my mum and sister for her 21st dress. She found a gorgeous white dress (a post will be up about her birthday when the time comes) and we also happened to pop into the pharmacy. 

The Miki stand had a great 4 for $10 deal, so my sister and I took advantage of it! Here's what I got:

Miki No. 1 & Miki No. 21 Nail Polish

I absolutely adore these colours. The bright pink (No.1) will be perfect for summer and the lavender (No. 21) will definitely get a workout this spring (I tried this colour out on my nails today and love it!)

Miki Intense Colour Liquid Eyeliner - Black

I really wanted to use liquid eyeliner again. I have been using a Maybelline gel eyeliner, but the liquid eyeliners are just so quick and easy to use.

Miki Eyeshadow Palette in Smokey Neutrals
This would have to be my favourite purchase of the day. I love eyeshadow palettes (I use my Natio Sunset Eyeshadow Palette nearly every day) and know that this will become a firm favourite. I adore all of the colours, and together they make a really subtle but gorgeous smokey eye.

- J x
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Side Table Makeover | How We Achieved It

Last month my partner and I finally finished making over 2 side tables we received from a family friend (featured in my 30 Day Snap here.) I love the way they turned out so I thought I would share with you how we achieved it! 

NB: This is not a tutorial! 

The Process

This was what they looked like before. The wood was scratched and not in the best condition and the mesh inside the top square was falling apart. 

First of all we took the door off and painted the whole thing a greyish white colour (2 coats). My partner the took the door apart to make the 2 squares become one large rectangle and painted it.

He then inserted glass into the rectangle and made a frame around the outside. I think we got the glass for around $13 for both panels. We finished the outside of the door and the table with a coat of clear gloss to protect the paint.

For the inside, I found this cool self adhesive film from Bunnings in the wallpaper section. At around $4 for 1.5M I didn't think it was bad value! It took us 4 to complete the inside of both. This was the trickiest part of the project, and took me a while to complete. You have to be careful not to bubble the contact or let it stick to itself!
I couldn't have done it without using a Stanley Knife. It was so much easier to cut the contact with this (and a ruler!) than it was with scissors.

The Finished Product

I think they look so much better. I love being able to take something old and making it new again! It would have been such a waste to have thrown these away.
- J x


Exciting Delivery | New Makeup Brushes

I was very excited when I received these in the post yesterday. I have been wanting new brushes for a while now but haven't been able to find a set of them that I really liked. As my partner pointed out "don't you have enough brushes already?!" Yes I do, but they are random brushes I've had for a few years now and I really wanted a new, uniformed set. Because I do spend more time on my makeup now and I do other peoples makeup occassionally, I really wanted a good quality brush set to use. 

I love this makeup artistry brush range from bubzbeauty. Bubz was one of the first YouTubers I subscribed to and I've been watching her videos for over 2 years. I knew these brushes would be well made and having seen Bubz use them on herself, I was pretty confident I would like them without having to see them first. 

The brushes come rolled up in a gorgeous leather pouch. This will make it so easy for me to take away with me and will also give me more space on my bathroom vanity. (I'm currently using this to store my brushes)

You can see the features of this pack here.
The thing that really got me in was the HD brush. I have a brush similar to this at the moment and I love the extra coverage it gives me when I'm out.

The brushes are sooo soft! And I absolutely love the hot pink and black combination. 
My old brushes will be divided between my Mum and my Sister. I am going to keep a couple that weren't included in this pack (lip brush & angled liner brush) just because I use these on a regular basis.

You can purchase the brushes from the bubzbeauty store here.

- J x
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