Indoor Plants | Lifestyle

I recently read this blog post by Helen from Recycled Interiors about the trend towards having plants indoors and why they are good for your overall wellbeing.

Plants are great for your health for a number of reasons. They take the carbon dioxide from the air and through the process of photosynthesis, they turn it into oxygen which they then release back into the air. This increases the oxygen levels in the room, and increases the levels of oxygen we breathe in. Studies have also shown plants have other benefits such as fighting colds, improving our moods and making us think better.

I think indoor plants really do add that extra something to your home. As such...

I would love to introduce my new range of fabric planters which will soon be available in my Etsy shop Little Miss Lorraine. These fabric planters are perfect for dressing up otherwise boring indoor plant pots. They will be available in a number of different patterns and sizes so keep an eye out for them this week!

What are your thoughts on plants indoors? Do you have indoor plants - if you do, have you noticed any difference in your health / wellbeing?




Positive Vibes | Welcome to 2015!

Welcome to 2015! You may remember from this post last year that I have decided not to make New Years Resolutions anymore. Mainly because there is so much pressure surrounding these resolutions that I never ever keep them!

Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life is my new favourite quote and something I will be striving for this year. 

Positive Mind.
Yoga every damn day & more meditation. Life got so busy at the end of the year (a poor excuse - I know!) and my yoga really took a back seat. I am going to get back into doing Yoga every day - starting with this 31 day strength project by Candace from Yoga By Candace (my favourite online Yoga teacher and source of inspiration) I would also really love to incorporate more meditation into my day - even just 5 minutes - to help keep my mind clear and to stay focussed.

Positive Vibes.
I really want to surround myself with a lot of positive vibes this year. Having too many negative things in your life can really bring you down and start turning you into somebody you do not want to be! To receive positive vibes, you have to give positive vibes (think positive karma) so this is something I want to make a conscious effort to do this year.

Positive Life.
Having a positive mind & positive vibes will help be to have a more positive life. However, I would also like to include a few other things to help me reach my positivity goal! Although we eat pretty healthy I would like to incorporate more of it into my diet. More fruit and veg, less processed goods. I would also like to include more exercise into my daily routine. Lets face it, your not going to find me going for a run or in a gym anytime soon, but things like more walking, bike riding, weights & yoga should help me achieve this goal. I would also like to do more things that make me happy. This includes spending more time on my Etsy shop Little Miss Lorraine, going away on the weekends and spending time with those I love!

Are you creating any New Years resolutions this year? Or are you more into setting goals / aims for yourself?

I am so excited with what's to come this year - both for this blog and me in general!