Sneaky Sunday Purchases | Haul

We had such gorgeous weather over the weekend, so I made a trip into National Pharmacies to grab a few Spring time supplies.

Natio Daily Moisturiser Face Protection SPF15
My current favourite day time moisturiser. It it non greasy and wears well underneath my makeup. The SPF 15 is also a big plus for extra protection from the sun.

Natio Pure Mineral Skin Protecting BB Cream SPF 15
I have used BB creams before and loved them during the warmer months, so I picked up this Natio one in the colour Medium. I really like the way BB creams feel on my skin - light but still with a bit of coverage.

Revlon Nail Polish in the colour Fuchsia Fever
How gorgeous is this nail polish colour! I went through all my nail polishes not long ago and realised I needed more bright colours in my collection. Revlon nail polish always look nice on the nails and doesn't chip easily.

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in the colour Cotton Candy (#45)
National Pharmacies had Revlon lip products out 2 for $25! I have wanted to try their lip butters out for a while so I took this opportunity to buy a couple. I really like Cotton Candy as a subtle but pretty / glossy pinky purple.

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in the Colour Pink Lemonade (#47)
I think this colour is going to become a staple nude for me over the next few months. I love how moisturising these lip butters are and the slight gloss finish.

I hope you got out on the weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine!

- J x

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Checking In | Lifestyle

image from pinterest

What a crazy couple of weeks. I have been a little MIA lately - I've had a few lifey things happen recently which have taken the front seat.

On the weekend I took some time out from the craziness and attended a "Spring Wellness" workshop run by Tammy, personal trainer / lifestyle coach at Vis Novo Health, Sam Efraimsen, yoga instructor at Adelaide Yoga Flow, and Dana Bell, a goal setting coach. I feel so inspired and motivated to make a few changes to my lifestyle (blog post on this up soon.)

Also look out for a couple of blog posts coming up soon with tips on how to create the best atmosphere for your yoga practice and creating a relaxing bath environment. These are the 2 things that have gotten me through craziness of the last couple of weeks!

- J x

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Perfect Curls | A First Impression

A few weeks ago I purchased a couple of products from the Tony and Guy hairstyling range to try. One of them was the Spray Gel for Curls and I have to say it has been my go to product for the last few weeks.

There are a couple of things I really love about this product. It gives the hair amazing texture by separating the curls and making them look more natural, and it keeps the curls in all day / all night! I have also found my curls still look good the day after using. One of the main reasons I love this product is that it feels like there is nothing in my hair. I do not like products that make your hair feel stiff / dry / oily as I feel like I have to wash my hair straight away.

The spray gel is so easy to use. I have thick, long hair, and 4 sprays is more than enough for me. All you need to do is spray in your hair and scrunch until you have reached the desired look.

This little guy cried until I brought him into the bathroom with me - Mummy's boy!

Have you tried out this product or do you have a similar product that you love? Let me know!

What I'm Wearing
Floral Miss Shop Top (Myers - last season) // Emporio Armani Watch (Birthday Present)

- J x

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Bullet Journaling | Organisation

I first learnt about this amazing organisational system after reading this guest post on The Organised Housewife and instantly fell in love with the idea.

In short, bullet journalling is a system of bulleted lists that enable you to fully organise your life.

Here is a basic overview from the creator of the Bullet Journal

There are a few things I really love about this system.

1 | Everything is in one spot

The bullet journal is essentially a diary and a list maker all in one. This is great for me, because it means I only have to carry around one book instead of a diary and a book for my lists.

2 | It keeps you accountable

I love the "migrating" feature of the bullet journal. This means if you do not finish something you can move it to another day. I go back at the end of each day / month and see what tasks I have not completed, and if they are still relevant, I add them to the next day / month. This way, I am not forgetting tasks I may not have completed.

3 | It is easily customisable for your needs.

I will run you through my version of the Bullet Journal system below, but I love how customisable the bullet journal system is. One system will not work for everyones needs, so it is really important to find a system that lets you make it your own.

My Version

Here is a look at my bullet journal and how I have adapted it to suit my needs.

First of all, I chose to use this journal from J. Burrows. I love the cream colour of the pages and the fact the lines are 6mm apart - this gives you more space! I also love the pocket at the front of the book. This is where I store my monthly calendars and tabs. They suggest using the Moleskeine notebook as the ideal journal for the Bullet Journal system - but they are really expensive!

I also purchased this pen and these tabs. I chose this pen because it has 4 different colours (much nicer than the old black, red, green & blue!) so I can use different colours for things such as events, bills, appointments etc. As you will see below, I am not using the index system, so the tabs will help me to be able to quickly find what I need.

The first page of my journal is my key. I based it on Dee's from decade thirty. I ended up basing a bit of my journal on Dee's because I love the way she set everything out.

On the next page, I included a yearly calendar - these always come in handy! I found mine at Life Your Way. I attached it to the page with wash tape (on sale at Spotlight)

Now we move into the monthly tabs. At the beginning of the month I have a monthly calendar (also from Life Your Way) this is where I record events / appointments and also bills. On the next few pages I list my tasks for the month. Like Dee, I have included a margin on these pages to make it easier to migrate / prioritise tasks. At the beginning of each month, I look back on the month before and see what tasks I have not completed and I merge them into the next month.

After I have listed my monthly tasks, I move onto my weekly tasks. Each day I write down any relevant tasks, appointments and events I have. As I move on to the next day, I check on what I have not completed from the day before and migrate them to the next day (if they are still relevant)

At the back of my journal I have general lists (in the Bullet Journal System these are referred to as "Collections.") Like Dee states in her blog post, one of the main pluses of having these "collections" at the back of the diary this is that the monthly and weekly pages can flow on from each other.

After using it for just over a week, I am seriously loving this system already. I have definitely been more organised and a lot more productive.

Let me know if you are using this system and what tweaks you have made!

- J x

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