Recent Naughty Purchases

No, not that kind of naughty!
I have been trying really hard not to spend money on things I do not need. Like really really hard. But alas, it seems I'm a sucker for spending money ESPECIALLY when they are on sale.
Before I went away, I purchased two Relvon ColorStay lipsticks.


Tender Pink (#250) is a gorgeous light pink shade which I would comfortably wear everyday.


Raspberry Mousse (#265) on the other hand is a bold pinky-red colour. I am not sure what compelled me to buy this shade as I never ever wear colours this bold. But something drew me to it and I did wear it out while I was away and absolutely loved it.

There was a Napoleon Perdis representative in Target today who kinda talked me into buying the next three items. (She didn't have to try very hard haha. I adore Napoleon makeup and it is the only place I get my makeup done for special occasions.)


First item is their Havana lipstick. It's a pretty darker pink colour that the representative said would suit my eye colour. Not that I need another lipstick, but I know these ones last when they are applied and the colour is wearable everyday. The representative also mentioned that you can use it as a blusher if you apply it with your fingers - I may have to try this out!!


The second item is the one that excites me the most. I have been searching for a new eye shadow palette for a very long time. All the ones I have found either have a ridiculous amount of colours I could never use, or they have not enough. This one is perfect. I would use every single colour in this palette and it is exactly what I was looking for. It also comes with 3 lip colours and 2 blushes which are all colours I would wear.


The last Napoleon Perdis item I got today was actually free because they had a buy 2 get the 3rd item free promotion. I don't wear black eyeliner very often, and when I do it always smudges. This eyeliner is supposed to set so that you cannot smudge it so we will see how this goes!

And the last thing I purchased today was this bun enhancer. This is what I used for Ashton's hairstyle and they make creating donut buns so much easier.

I also purchased some clothes which I may do a blog post on soon!

- J x


  1. Love all them lipstick colours! that havana one is lush! Great haul :) x

  2. hey check out my blog for a 'how to donut bun' xx