Lust Have It! - August

I received the August "Lust Have It!" beauty box today. And it was actually in a box! This is because it was their 1st birthday.

Very cute packaging.
However, I cannot say I am as impressed with this one as I was with the July box. I have actually cancelled my subscription. I like the idea of these boxes, but until Australian beauty boxes provide products like the UK and American boxes, I am not sure I want to keep paying $15 a month for them.
Here's what's inside...


tanGo Tanning Glove
This "glove" (more like cloth) is supposed to help remove fake tan from your skin. It also says it can be used as a makeup remover by just adding water. I am interested to see how this actually works.


Appelles Body Booster Skin Lotion
I do not get very excited about products like this purely because I hardly ever use them! I had so many of these products at one stage it filled an entire draw! This one is apparently made of ingredients sourced from exotic locations.


Apelles Skin Detox Shower Gel
 I may actually use this product because I need a new shower gel. This shower gel claims to cleanse and nourish your skin.


Apelles Body Bar Vegetable Soap
A very interesting product. It is a "unisex" soap that has been designed to nourish and cleanse your skin. I am not a huge fan of soaps because they make my skin dry so not sure I will try this one.


Tigi Rockaholic - Rock Out Shine Blaster
This is an interesting product. On the information sheet, it says that this product speeds up hair drying time and adds shine. It can also temporarily mask split ends. I will be intrigued as to what this product actually does for my hair!


ModelCo Eyeliner - Black
I just purchased a new eyeliner so I won't be using this one for a while! I have heard good things about ModelCo though, and I love eyeliners with built in sharpeners because they are so convienient.


Marc Jacobs: DOT Fragrance
I am pretty picky with my perfumes, but I do like this fragrance even though it is a floral scent.

So while I'm not thrilled about the contents of this box there are some products I am looking forward to trying! I would have expected something a little bit more exciting for their 1st birthday box!

- J x

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