So far, my blog posts have been mostly beauty related and a few DIY posts every so often. Today this post is about knitting.
Really?! Knitting?! Isn't that for old people? Knitting is such a stereotyped hobby. People assume that knitting is for old nanna's and not young people! People also assume this is a hobby enjoyed only by females, but males also enjoy knitting.

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My Grandma first taught me how to knit when I was around 8 years old. I never really made anything in particular, I just knitted long "scarves." When I was a bit older, Mum and I would knit squares for charity so that they were able to make blankets. I stopped knitting for years, and only took it up again last year when I was experiencing anxiety. It really helped me to calm down and allowed me to stop thinking about all the stresses in my life and clear my mind.

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Now I love knitting. The satisfaction you get from making something yourself and other people commenting on it is very worth it!
I am going to have a few more posts on knitting as I start new projects - I hope that I can inspire you to take up knitting or at least make you see it in a different light!

- J x

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