NOTD - Mint Green Spotty Nails

This is a quick and easy mani that can be done with whatever colours you wish!

There is a trend with nails at the moment to make the finger next to the pinkie (I'm sure it has a proper name) different to all the others. I think this is so pretty as you are able to be a bit more experimental with that finger without it looking too much.

1. Using Revlon's Minted (#85) I applied 2 coats to all my nails except for the finger next to my pinkies.
2. On the finger next to my pinkies, I applied 2 coats of BYS' French White (#12)
3. Once the white polish dried, I used my new dotting tool and Revlon's Minted nail polish to create mint green spots on the white polish.
4. I finished it off by applying my Kiss top coat.

I tried my new mineral makeup by AVON today and was surprised at how much I liked it. I may do a bit of a "lookbook" for it in the next couple of days.

- J x

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