DIY Wipeable Calender

This is a really simple DIY tutorial for a wipeable calender. Very handy and totally reusable.

I decided to make my calendar A3 size so that I would have plenty of room to write.

I printed my months from iCal but there are plenty of templates available online.

You will need...

- A photo frame big enough to fit your calendar plus a border (make sure this photo frame can be easily opened and closed as you will need to change the months!)

-Whiteboard markers

- A ruler

- Wool (or something to hang the picture with)

- Scrapbooking paper (or anything to decorate!)

- Glue

- A pencil

How to make it...

You can pretty much do what you want here but this is what I did!

1. Create a border - mine was 4cm thick and I drew it onto the paper provided in the photo frame.

2. Decorate the border however you like! I cut up some scrapbooking paper I had and made a pattern.

4. Glue this onto the backing of the photo frame

5. Place the calendar month inside the border (do not glue this as you will want to change this each month!)

6. Put it all back inside the frame and your done!!

 So easy and handy because you can wipe off everything at the end of the month, replace the month and start again!

- J x
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