Nail Stamping Art

Okay I have been a little bit M.I.A lately. Life has just gotten a bit crazy!

I have recently discovered nail stamps and today the one I ordered off of eBay appeared in my letterbox! This cost me about $7 - I wasn't going to spend anymore before I tried them.

I am actually really impressed! As you can see above I think it turned out well. Once again I am a bit of a minimalist, and whilst I think they would look cute on all the nails, I love having one nail stand out.

So, the pack comes with 10 nail plates. Each plate has 9 different design on there.

It also comes with a stamper that has 2 different sides. The side you use depends on the size of the design you choose. And also a scraper, which you use to scrape off the excess nail polish.

How to achieve this look...

1. I painted all my nails with Butter London Trout Pout except for my ring fingers, which I painted BYS French White

2. I chose the design I wanted and painted over it with Butter London Trout Pout

3. Using the scraper, I scraped off the excess nail polish

3. I used the green end of the scraper and pressed it onto the design and then stamped it onto my ring fingers!!

4. I finished off by using Sally Henson's Double Duty Base & Top Coat.

So easy. I am a little bit in love.

- J x
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  1. Ooo those look so cool!
    I really like your blog:) reminds me of sprinkleofglitter (Louise)'s blog, well written and doesn't lose your attention:)
    Your smokey eye on Ashton was just wow!:O Maybe a tutorial on how to do it, I'm not good at smokey eyes, and I'd love to see exactly how ,broken down, to get it to look that good.
    -Alice xx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Alice :) Louise is one of my favourite bloggers / YouTubers so that's a massive compliment! I would definitely love to do more of a broken down tutorial just need to find the time :)

      Jess xx