30 Day Snap - Day 17


It was my partners birthday yesterday and I decided to bake him an AFL cake! The top photo shows the cake before and the bottom picture shows the aftermath. He blew so hard, the coconut went all over the table and on the floor! He even managed to blow off some of the piped icing!

- J


30 Day Snap - Day 16

Winter's Here!
I know I am a bit behind with these snaps, but it has been a lot harder to take photos everyday than I thought it would be.

Yesterday my partner and I went down to Victor Harbor for lunch and to also try out his new camera. It was freezing cold but great to get out of the house. I actually took the photo above on my iPhone using my Camera+ app.

Click here to see my post on photo editing / taking apps.

- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 15

Roses are red, violets are blue...

How gorgeous is this flower? This bouquet was sent to work today (unfortunately not for me!) and I couldn't help but capture the vibrant colour of this flower. 

- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 14

Early morning Fog

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning before work I do a Yoga session. Coming in to winter, it is harder and harder to get out of bed and this morning it was so cold there was fog on the oval!
- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 13

New Camera Shots

I know these flowers have featured once before in this 30 Day Snap feature, but I have been trying out my partners camera this weekend and flowers are a great practice tool!

 photo IMG_0246_zps322dd0a8.jpg

Such a clear picture. I cannot wait to learn more about it and take more amazing shots.

- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 12

Beach Walks

Beach walks with Benjii, my sisters partners dog, is always a nice addition to the weekend! (Even in Winter)

Ps. My partner finally got his new camera, so will be playing around with it and putting some snaps up with it soon!

- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 11

Twisted Headbands...

My new favourite winter accessory. They are so cute, and keep your head / ears warm without having to wear a bulky beanie / beret.

I made these myself! You can find my project here and the original project information here. Easy enough for someone who has been knitting for a little while - you will need to have some knowledge of cables though!

NB: I used thinner wool than the project, so I doubled the amount of stitches

I will do a post soon with the different ways to wear these headbands.

- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 10

Pretty Rainbows

Such a pretty sight after a cold rainy day! I wonder if there is any gold at the end...

- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 9

New Purchases

I am very excited about my new purchases. All of this cost me less than $26 which is one reason why I love AVON!

- J x


Chair Cover - From Floral to Modern

I have finally finished my first chair cover and I am so happy (mostly because its over) but also because it turned out pretty good! I have not been the biggest fan of these couches, but needed a 

After looking through many slipcover tutorials and trying out a few, I finally found is one from Miss Mustard Seed. I am someone who needs to measure things exactly (I also have to do this when cooking), however for a slipcover, this method will make you go mad! I was hesitant to try the method Miss Mustard Seed uses (a very rough cut out of the material and sew!) but it turned out to be easiest method, and surprisingly accurate. 



It is not perfect (which does annoy me as I am a perfectionist) but for a slipcover it does its job! If I wanted it to be perfect, I would have had to re-upholster the whole chair.

This is probably the hardest item I have sewn. As Miss Mustard Seed says in her tutorial, winged chairs are the most difficult chairs to cover as they have so many different shapes. I have learnt a lot throughout this process. 

This project took me a while to complete as it was sooo complicated but I am really happy with the final result. Now onto the double seater...

- J x

30 Day Snap - Day 8

Apple Crumble

Yum. That's the best way to describe the apple crumble I made for dessert! First times a charm.

Recipe here.

- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 7


Sunday Feast

I love spreads like this, especially on a Sunday when the footy's on! Only problem is I always tend to eat too much because its sooo good and you never realise how much you are eating.

- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 6

Friday Night Wind Down

This is my perfect Friday night wind down combination. It's great me time and I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards!

- J x

Photo Enhancing iPhone Apps

Since starting the 30 Day Snap, I have been looking for ways to make my pictures stand out using my iPhone / iPad only (i.e not having to use computer editing apps). I have a few preferred image editing apps when it comes to the photos on my blog (Photoshop express and Phonto) but have never really explored what else is out there.

A while ago I pinned this pin on Pinterest and the other day I decided to revisit it. This blog post from Grumbles and Grunts has some really great tips for taking photos with your iPhone. There were 2 apps mentioned that really stood out to me - Camera+ and Snapseed. I have since downloaded these apps and have very much enjoyed playing around with them.

Such a great extension for the iPhone camera. It has greater auto-focus possibilities, a stabilizer, timer and short burst shots. I haven't used this app as much yet, but I know it will be a great addition to my iPhone at a cheap .99c (as of 7/06)

I LOVE this app already and I haven't even explored it's full potential. Grumbles and Grunts explains it really well in her post, but from my perspective it is really easy to use and there are so many options. The photos actually look like they were professionally taken.



This app is all about the finer details of photo editing. Although there are not huge changes to the above after photo, it is certainly a clearer, lighter shot. These simple changes can make a photo go from an amateur iPhone photo to DSLR standard.
The best thing about this app is that it's free!
Watch my photos from now on - hopefully you will be able notice a slight difference to them,
- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 5

Blog Editing
I love changing my blog every so often. They are never massive changes but I think a change is as good as a holiday. I am trying out a few different programs to edit - who knew there were so many out there!!
Perfect job on these chilly nights.
- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 4

Epic Fail

Hmm...think I might have needed to put more flour in these! 

They smelt and tasted amazing - but unfortunately they look like "potato fritters" as my partner described them and fell apart instantly :(

- J x


Perfect Card Holders

As I mentioned in my 30 Day Snap - Day 2 post yesterday, I made a couple of these card holders the other day and absolutely love them! They were so quick (10 minutes max) and easy to make and are the perfect size for my clutches.

The tutorial from My So Called Green Life was very easy to follow with great detailed photos along the way.
One of the tools that made this project so easy was this folding template from The Scientific Seamstress. Such a great idea! I have so much trouble with measuring hems and this tool made life so simple.

I also added another pocket as I knew I would need more space. To do this, I simply cut out another 6 x 4 square out of the pocket material and folded it down 1/4 inch x 4.

I will be adding fasters to close the card holders - just need to work out how to use the ones I purchased!

I have already had a few people ask me to make them one so I know I will be making a few more of these in the future!

- J x





30 Day Snap - Day 3

Pretty Flowers

I planted these flowers a while ago and they were took forever to come up - for a while there I thought they may have been dead!

Thankfully they have finally started to open making my outside table look a little bit less dreary in this winter weather. They are also my favourite colour which makes me happy when I look outside and see them! 

- J x


30 Day Snap - Day 2

Card Holders

Last night I actually got around to using some of the fabric I purchased and showed off in my first 30 Day Snap

I found the idea for these card holders on Pinterest a while ago and thought they were such a great idea. The fabric I purchased yesterday was perfect for them!

I will be putting a more detailed post up about these tomorrow.


30 Day Snap - Day 1

Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter is currently running a feature on her blog called 30 day snap. Basically it's a snap a day for 30 days - click on the picture above to find out more. 

I have decided to join Louise and am going to share my photos on here for you!

Cute Fabric Bundles

My friend and I went shopping yesterday and found so many great bargains! These fat quarter bundles were one of them. They are also my favourite purchase of the day because of how pretty and cute they are. They also ended up being quite cheap - around $1 per 1/2 metre! 

I have a few projects planned with these which I will definitely be sharing with you over the coming weeks. 

- J x
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