Lust Have It! July Box

The July Lust Have It! beauty "box" arrived today. I once again say "box" because it came in a bright orange zip up bag.

I am actually excited this "box" all of the products I would use and it could not come at a better time as I am going away and the small samples will be perfect to take away with me!

What's inside:

Matrix Deep Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner
I am actually excited to try these products and see how my hair likes them. I am pretty sure my hairdressers used to (and probably still does) use matrix products in my hair and it always makes it look amazing.

Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub
I have never been one for getting into a really good skin care routine - I would do it for a week at most and then get lazy. But recently I have gotten myself into a good routine with skincare and use a scrub reguarly. So I am interested to see what this purifying scrub does to my skin.

Avene Gentle Eye Make-up Remover
Yep. This product excites me (actually, the whole box excites me, incase you haven't already noticed!!) I have been wanting to try something other than make-up wipes to remove my eye make-up so I will be interested to see how this product goes.

Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion - Orange Blossom
(I should have taken a picture of the other side - it was much prettier!!)
Smells pretty! Can't wait to try it.

Tigi Shine Junkie Lip Gloss
Mmm I think this is going to become a favourite. It smells pepperminty and it feels thick and moisturising.

Overall, I am much more impressed with this box this month!

- J x


Makeup / Hair Look - Ashton!

I love doing other people's hair and makeup (which for family function means I do everyone else's hair and makeup first and then have to rush my own!!) so when Ashton asked me if I would do hers of course I said yes!

I am by no means a makeup / hair artist - as much as I would love to complete a course on it, money and time will not allow me to do so! I am a self-taught youtube video watcher / blog reader :)

Anyway, I think Ashton's makeup and hair turned out really nice :) and she was happy with it which is a big plus.

For makeup, we chose a bit of a bronzy / smokey eye look with the eyes inspired by this pinterest pin...

Pinned Image

I think they turned out really well - I am very scared of smokey eyes only because I cannot perfect them on myself!

For hair, Ashton wanted a "donut bun" which are relatively easy to do - much easier to do on other people rather than yourself!!

Overall she looked beautiful (looking back, I should have shown you her outfit!)

I think I will try and do a few more of these but next time with more pictures!

- J x
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Nail Foils...

Okay so I was in Woolworths yesterday, and whilst I have pretty much followed suit with Sprinkle of Glitter aka Louise and given myself a spending ban until we go away, I found these nail foils on special and could not resist. My excuse, my sister has not been feeling well so I bought them to do her nails and cheer her up :)

They do look pretty. They work in pretty much the same way as the Sally Hensen nail polish stickers, except that these are foil like not actual nail polish.

While I think they do look pretty, I must say I am not the biggest fan.

1. The sizes are ridiculus and even though they do provide scissors, I would much rather something that I can just stick on without having to use my horrible cutting skills.

2. They don't stick as well as the nail polish strips. I know that this is so you can get them off easier, but its very annoying for them to be peeling after having them on for a day!

Back to some positives...

1. They do look cool and I would definitely try them again for a night out

2. Much easier to get off than normail nail polish or nail polish strips

3. Because they are not nail polish strips, they will not dry out so you can keep them forever.

I think next time though, I will be purchasing the Sally Hensen nail polish strips!

- J x
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Inspiring Beauty Guru's

The ladies that I am going to talk about in this post today are the reason I love hair and makeup so much! They have such amazing tutorials and are in general, lovely people.

Tanya Burr

Tanya was one of the first beauty guru's I watched and subscribed to on YouTube. She is a professional makeup artist, so she knows what she is talking about! Some of her looks are re-created from movies or music videos etc. (these ones are probably less wearable, but still as brilliant!) and others are looks she creates herself. Tanya does not just sit there on camera applying her makeup, she actually explains what she is doing (hence why they are tutorials!) and the best makeup brushes to use for each situation. I have learnt so much from her and would definitely recommend you check her out!

You can find Tanya here:

MissGlamorazzi aka Ingrid

I adore Ingrid's makeup tutorials because they are so pretty and wearable! Her looks are very minimal with a pop of colour here and there. Not only does she do makeup tutorials, but she also talks about fashion, skin care, and general girly stuff.

You can find Ingrid here:

Lets Make It Up! aka Kaley

Kaley has 2 channels, a hair channel and a makeup channel. Whilst I adore her makeup tutorials, its the hair tutorials that I love the most! She does a lot of braided looks which I personally LOVE so its pretty much a match made in heaven. Some of her looks are more wearable than others, but all of her tutorials are well explained and easy to follow.

You can find Kaley here:

YouTube (hair)
YouTube (makeup)

Whilst there are many more beauty guru's on YouTube, these are the ladies I adore watching the most!

Watch out for another post soon on my favourite YouTubers!

- J x

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