Inspiring Beauty Guru's

The ladies that I am going to talk about in this post today are the reason I love hair and makeup so much! They have such amazing tutorials and are in general, lovely people.

Tanya Burr

Tanya was one of the first beauty guru's I watched and subscribed to on YouTube. She is a professional makeup artist, so she knows what she is talking about! Some of her looks are re-created from movies or music videos etc. (these ones are probably less wearable, but still as brilliant!) and others are looks she creates herself. Tanya does not just sit there on camera applying her makeup, she actually explains what she is doing (hence why they are tutorials!) and the best makeup brushes to use for each situation. I have learnt so much from her and would definitely recommend you check her out!

You can find Tanya here:

MissGlamorazzi aka Ingrid

I adore Ingrid's makeup tutorials because they are so pretty and wearable! Her looks are very minimal with a pop of colour here and there. Not only does she do makeup tutorials, but she also talks about fashion, skin care, and general girly stuff.

You can find Ingrid here:

Lets Make It Up! aka Kaley

Kaley has 2 channels, a hair channel and a makeup channel. Whilst I adore her makeup tutorials, its the hair tutorials that I love the most! She does a lot of braided looks which I personally LOVE so its pretty much a match made in heaven. Some of her looks are more wearable than others, but all of her tutorials are well explained and easy to follow.

You can find Kaley here:

YouTube (hair)
YouTube (makeup)

Whilst there are many more beauty guru's on YouTube, these are the ladies I adore watching the most!

Watch out for another post soon on my favourite YouTubers!

- J x

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