Nail Foils...

Okay so I was in Woolworths yesterday, and whilst I have pretty much followed suit with Sprinkle of Glitter aka Louise and given myself a spending ban until we go away, I found these nail foils on special and could not resist. My excuse, my sister has not been feeling well so I bought them to do her nails and cheer her up :)

They do look pretty. They work in pretty much the same way as the Sally Hensen nail polish stickers, except that these are foil like not actual nail polish.

While I think they do look pretty, I must say I am not the biggest fan.

1. The sizes are ridiculus and even though they do provide scissors, I would much rather something that I can just stick on without having to use my horrible cutting skills.

2. They don't stick as well as the nail polish strips. I know that this is so you can get them off easier, but its very annoying for them to be peeling after having them on for a day!

Back to some positives...

1. They do look cool and I would definitely try them again for a night out

2. Much easier to get off than normail nail polish or nail polish strips

3. Because they are not nail polish strips, they will not dry out so you can keep them forever.

I think next time though, I will be purchasing the Sally Hensen nail polish strips!

- J x
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