Megan-Clemente Combination | DIY

This dress is my second garment from my Love at First Stitch book by Tilly Walnes. It is a combination of the Megan dress and Clemente skirt. You can find the post on my first Megan dress here.

I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. 

I made a few changes to the Megan top including making the top longer and replacing the dart tucks with straight darts. Originally I was just going to take the darts out all together, but realised the top looked frumpy and had no shape, so I decided to add in longer straight darts. 

I love the gathers in this dress, however because this material is quite stiff and the Clemente skirt has a lot of material, the skirt was very flouncy. I decided to take the skirt in slightly which made the it sit a lot nicer.

After undoing this zip 3 times I decided it was finally time for an invisible zipper foot! As I have an older style Bernina, it was harder to find the right zipper foot to fit my machine. There were a few stores in my area that stocked them, but I wasn't prepared to pay the $50 they were asking! I finally found this one on eBay for $27 (including postage) and received it within a week.

I am so glad I finally invested in one as it was so so easy to use. I used this great instructional video from Craftsy (free!) to install the zip.

Tilly always stresses the importance of finishing off your garments properly. By going that extra mile to finish off the raw edges, press the garment and hem it neatly, it will always look like a professional job.

I am really happy with how this dressed turned out! It will become a favourite during Spring and Summer.

Have you made anything from Tilly's book? I love how easy it is to customise the patterns to suit your needs.

- J x

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  1. What an amazing job you have done Jess! Your dress looks gorgeous. X

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm pretty happy :) can't wait to wear it now x

  2. Love the clemence skirt, such a great idea as I fancied trying Megan but needed a fuller figured bottom.

    1. Thank you Claire! The Clemence skirt is so easy to make and very easy to attach on to the top of the Megan dress. Please let me know if you try this out x