OOTN - My beautiful little sister

I loveeee helping sister get ready when she goes out :) I never get a chance to do other peoples hair and makeup so I jump at the chance when she goes out!

- Dress from ASOS
- Necklace from Sportsgirl
- Jacket from ICE
- Rings (I'm pretty sure they are also from Sportsgirl but could be Diva!)
- Shoes from Sportsgirl

Love her to bits. Watch out for a guest post from her soon - she tried out some of the products from my Lust Have It! beauty box :)

- J x

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7 Things for 7 Day's - June

So one of my all time favourite beauty guru's Sprinkle of Glitter aka Louise has made a bit of an interactive challenge for bloggers (and even those who do not have one) with her 7 Things for 7 Day's post.

Click on the picture below to go to Louise's original post

So the idea is you write your 7 Things for 7 Day's post and then post a link to it on louise's post above ^ so that other people are able to see your goals and you can see theirs! I think this is a great way to discover other blogs that may interest you :)

I have decided not to base my 7 goals over 7 days, rather over my holidays which are coming up in 3 days (not that I'm counting hehe)

My most important goal these holidays is to finish my current TAFE unit and start on another one. Working full time and not living at home whilst trying to study can sometimes be a real struggle, but I am going to get on top of this and try and finish it as fast as I can!

Even though I have been out of home for around 5 months now, there are still things I need to organise - especially all my beauty things (nail polishes, make up etc) It's all about trying new things and working out which organisational system works better for you.

I have a lot of projects I have pinned on pinterest so I am aiming to make at least a couple of them during the break!

I would love to do a few more make up / hair tutorials. I just need to work out what I would like to do and how I will photograph them!

On the topic of photograph's I would like to learn to take photo's a little bit better for my blog. I don't want to go out and buy a swanky camera, however I want to see what I can do with my current one :)

Down Time
After a crazy term, down time is always a must. Long hot bath's, "me time" maybe even a massage sound amazing.

Family / Friends
As much as I love my "me time" I absolutely love spending time with other people. I don't see my friends nearly often enough and whilst I see my family a bit still, I can never get sick of them!!

I will do a bit of a "look back" on this post at the end of my holidays and see how much I actually achieved :)

- J x

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Lust Have It! - Beauty "Box"

Okay so this finally turned up on my doorstep today...

Not exactly a box! But cute all the same. The bag is an extra gift this month!

Here's what what inside:

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau So Fresh

I am pretty picky when it comes to perfumes so unfortunately, this Marc Jacobs one is not really my style. It is has a very floral scent which I don't think suits me! It is a gorgeous scent though so I think this will be going to my sister :)

Marc Jacobs - Daisy

Once again, this perfume has a very floral scent so not really up my ally! But a very pretty scent all the same.

Batiste - Blush Dry Shampoo

I have always been intrigued by dry shampoo's and cannot wait to try this one out! It is a very cute little bottle and smells gorgeous.

Bloom - Glitter Eyeliner

I own a few glitter eyeliners but am excited to try this one out! It is a very pretty gold shade and looks pretty easy to use.

Lon Vitalite - 24K Active Gold Full Eye Mask

Lon Vitalite - 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Face Mask

Personally, I am not a huge fan of these sorts of products, so i'm not sure if I will give these a try or pass them onto my sister!

So overall, I am not hugely impressed by this "box" but I will give it another month and see how I like it!

- J x
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Nail Stamping Art

Okay I have been a little bit M.I.A lately. Life has just gotten a bit crazy!

I have recently discovered nail stamps and today the one I ordered off of eBay appeared in my letterbox! This cost me about $7 - I wasn't going to spend anymore before I tried them.

I am actually really impressed! As you can see above I think it turned out well. Once again I am a bit of a minimalist, and whilst I think they would look cute on all the nails, I love having one nail stand out.

So, the pack comes with 10 nail plates. Each plate has 9 different design on there.

It also comes with a stamper that has 2 different sides. The side you use depends on the size of the design you choose. And also a scraper, which you use to scrape off the excess nail polish.

How to achieve this look...

1. I painted all my nails with Butter London Trout Pout except for my ring fingers, which I painted BYS French White

2. I chose the design I wanted and painted over it with Butter London Trout Pout

3. Using the scraper, I scraped off the excess nail polish

3. I used the green end of the scraper and pressed it onto the design and then stamped it onto my ring fingers!!

4. I finished off by using Sally Henson's Double Duty Base & Top Coat.

So easy. I am a little bit in love.

- J x
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