Organising My Craft Supplies | The Beginnings

I literally laughed out loud. My fabric stash is ridiculous and I still keep buying fabric.... I'm not sure ill ever be on the road to recovery for that one....
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I am finally getting around to organising my growing pile of craft supplies. One of the main reasons I have been putting this off is because I was unsure of how I wanted to organise everything. We are looking to own our first home this year so we won't be in our existing house for too much longer. However I have decided to bite the bullet for now and just organise everything as best I can. I will do an updated one of these once we move.

This is what my craft supplies storage looked like before. A complete mess I know! We really have limited storage in this house and are quickly outgrowing it.

This is the after! It is still not how I would really like to store all my supplies but it works for now.

I had to be completely ruthless when it came to organising all my craft supplies. I can sometimes be a bit of a fabric scrap hoarder (who knows, it may come in handy for something!) so I made myself chuck out any remnants I knew I would not be using.

My favourite part is how I have organised my fabric stash - it looks so pretty and utilises our filing cabinet which does not really get used. This idea came from Lauren from The Thinking Closet. It makes it so easy to see what I have on hand.

I found these great fabric stash tags by Sarai Mitnick from Colette Patterns. I love this idea as you can see exactly what you have at a quick glance. It gives you a place to write a description of the fabric, the length and the width. The big blank space down the bottom allows you to include a sample of the fabric so that you can see and feel the fabric without having to get the fabric out of the drawer.

Here is an example of my tags. I have written a general description about the fabric, written the length in pencil so that I can change it as I go (I have also included whether the material has been cut) and how wide the fabric is. I used a stapler to attach a small sample of each fabric.

I attached them to the drawer so that I can flip it out whenever I want to see what is in my stash. As Sarai states in her blog post, the hardest part will be to remember to change the length as you cut each piece of fabric! 

I used a fabric covered box to store my fat quarters and scrap material.

How do you organise your fabric supplies? I cannot wait to have proper storage for all my craft supplies. Watch out for an updated post sometime this year!

- J x

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1 Simple Way to Avoid Procrastination | Advice

image created by me using Canva

Confession - I am a massive procrastinator especially at home after work or on the weekends when all I want to do is nothing!

I have found it is so easy to get into the habit of procrastinating and justifying it by saying things like "I will do it tomorrow when I have more time", "it won't matter if I leave it one more night" etc (sound familiar?) In reality all this does is build up all of the things that need to be done until it all becomes too much and you wish you had just done it in the first place.

Over the years I have found there is 1 simple trick that helps me keep on track when I want to be productive...

Making a list!

I know. Such a simple concept. But lists are truly amazing when it comes to beating procrastination and being productive. Having everything written down and out of your head stops you from feeling overwhelmed by the thought of things you want to achieve. Lists allow you to look at everything you want to get done in a clear and concise manner, and help you to prioritise what you need to get done which in turn makes you a lot more productive.

I write lists for everything including:

- food Shopping
- cleaning
- what I want to do when I get home
- what I want to get done over the weekend
- birthday presents

(see what I did there...)

I personally find that lists give me a great feeling of satisfaction as I tick off each item one by one. I feel so good knowing I am actually achieving something, and am not getting bogged down by the million things I want to do in my head.

A few tips for good list making:

Make small, easy to achieve lists
The key with list making is to have small, manageable lists which actually encourage you to get things done. This may mean you have quite a few lists, but it allows you to break everything down into smaller chunks making you much more productive. It can be overwhelming to look at a long list of things to do.

Check off each item as you go
As I mentioned above, I love ticking off each item as I go as it makes me feel like I have actually achieved something.

Choose a system that works for you
Everyone has their own way of creating lists, so choose the one that works best for you. Personally, my lists usually consist of headers and indented dot points (see example below). This allows me to break everything down into even smaller steps.

Are you an avid list maker like me? How else do you avoid procrastination?

- J x

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On Trend | Boho Crown Braid

The Boho Crown Braid has been a huge hit with bloggers / YouTubers in the Northern Hemisphere coming into summer and I know it will be very popular in Australia later in the year. I must admit, I was a bit unsure about this hairstyle when I first saw it as it reminded me of the milkmaid braids (which suit some!) but are not really to my taste. However I have definitely grown to love it and having recently tried it out myself, it will become a hairstyle staple during spring and summer.

There are a few things I really love about this hairstyle. Unlike a bun which can start to feel heavy and pull on your head throughout the day, the crown braid is light and loose which makes it a comfortable hairstyle to wear all day / night. It is also a perfect hairstyle for both casual and more formal occasions as it can be dressed up or dressed down.

I have seen a few different variations when it comes to creating this hairstyle, but my favourite is this one from Kayley (aka letsmakeitup1.) I love her tutorials (she is the queen of braids) and her videos and instructions are always easy to follow.

Because I have colour through the ends of my hair (you can see my post about it here) the braid has a lot more texture which makes it look much more three dimensional. If your hair is one colour and you would like to know how to create more texture, The Beauty Department has a great post on creating more texture for braids using coloured hair extensions (perfect for a formal look)

What are your thoughts on the Boho Crown Braid? Would you try this out for summer?

- J x

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