7 Things for 7 Day's - June

So one of my all time favourite beauty guru's Sprinkle of Glitter aka Louise has made a bit of an interactive challenge for bloggers (and even those who do not have one) with her 7 Things for 7 Day's post.

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So the idea is you write your 7 Things for 7 Day's post and then post a link to it on louise's post above ^ so that other people are able to see your goals and you can see theirs! I think this is a great way to discover other blogs that may interest you :)

I have decided not to base my 7 goals over 7 days, rather over my holidays which are coming up in 3 days (not that I'm counting hehe)

My most important goal these holidays is to finish my current TAFE unit and start on another one. Working full time and not living at home whilst trying to study can sometimes be a real struggle, but I am going to get on top of this and try and finish it as fast as I can!

Even though I have been out of home for around 5 months now, there are still things I need to organise - especially all my beauty things (nail polishes, make up etc) It's all about trying new things and working out which organisational system works better for you.

I have a lot of projects I have pinned on pinterest so I am aiming to make at least a couple of them during the break!

I would love to do a few more make up / hair tutorials. I just need to work out what I would like to do and how I will photograph them!

On the topic of photograph's I would like to learn to take photo's a little bit better for my blog. I don't want to go out and buy a swanky camera, however I want to see what I can do with my current one :)

Down Time
After a crazy term, down time is always a must. Long hot bath's, "me time" maybe even a massage sound amazing.

Family / Friends
As much as I love my "me time" I absolutely love spending time with other people. I don't see my friends nearly often enough and whilst I see my family a bit still, I can never get sick of them!!

I will do a bit of a "look back" on this post at the end of my holidays and see how much I actually achieved :)

- J x

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  1. I like reading posts like this :) Good luck with your projects

    Tanesha x

    1. Yes me too :) They are very motivational. Thanks x