Makeup / Hair Look - Ashton!

I love doing other people's hair and makeup (which for family function means I do everyone else's hair and makeup first and then have to rush my own!!) so when Ashton asked me if I would do hers of course I said yes!

I am by no means a makeup / hair artist - as much as I would love to complete a course on it, money and time will not allow me to do so! I am a self-taught youtube video watcher / blog reader :)

Anyway, I think Ashton's makeup and hair turned out really nice :) and she was happy with it which is a big plus.

For makeup, we chose a bit of a bronzy / smokey eye look with the eyes inspired by this pinterest pin...

Pinned Image

I think they turned out really well - I am very scared of smokey eyes only because I cannot perfect them on myself!

For hair, Ashton wanted a "donut bun" which are relatively easy to do - much easier to do on other people rather than yourself!!

Overall she looked beautiful (looking back, I should have shown you her outfit!)

I think I will try and do a few more of these but next time with more pictures!

- J x
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