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Since starting the 30 Day Snap, I have been looking for ways to make my pictures stand out using my iPhone / iPad only (i.e not having to use computer editing apps). I have a few preferred image editing apps when it comes to the photos on my blog (Photoshop express and Phonto) but have never really explored what else is out there.

A while ago I pinned this pin on Pinterest and the other day I decided to revisit it. This blog post from Grumbles and Grunts has some really great tips for taking photos with your iPhone. There were 2 apps mentioned that really stood out to me - Camera+ and Snapseed. I have since downloaded these apps and have very much enjoyed playing around with them.

Such a great extension for the iPhone camera. It has greater auto-focus possibilities, a stabilizer, timer and short burst shots. I haven't used this app as much yet, but I know it will be a great addition to my iPhone at a cheap .99c (as of 7/06)

I LOVE this app already and I haven't even explored it's full potential. Grumbles and Grunts explains it really well in her post, but from my perspective it is really easy to use and there are so many options. The photos actually look like they were professionally taken.



This app is all about the finer details of photo editing. Although there are not huge changes to the above after photo, it is certainly a clearer, lighter shot. These simple changes can make a photo go from an amateur iPhone photo to DSLR standard.
The best thing about this app is that it's free!
Watch my photos from now on - hopefully you will be able notice a slight difference to them,
- J x

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