Chair Cover - From Floral to Modern

I have finally finished my first chair cover and I am so happy (mostly because its over) but also because it turned out pretty good! I have not been the biggest fan of these couches, but needed a 

After looking through many slipcover tutorials and trying out a few, I finally found is one from Miss Mustard Seed. I am someone who needs to measure things exactly (I also have to do this when cooking), however for a slipcover, this method will make you go mad! I was hesitant to try the method Miss Mustard Seed uses (a very rough cut out of the material and sew!) but it turned out to be easiest method, and surprisingly accurate. 



It is not perfect (which does annoy me as I am a perfectionist) but for a slipcover it does its job! If I wanted it to be perfect, I would have had to re-upholster the whole chair.

This is probably the hardest item I have sewn. As Miss Mustard Seed says in her tutorial, winged chairs are the most difficult chairs to cover as they have so many different shapes. I have learnt a lot throughout this process. 

This project took me a while to complete as it was sooo complicated but I am really happy with the final result. Now onto the double seater...

- J x

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