Work Hairstyles

These are a few of the hairstyles that I wear to work quite a bit - mainly because they keep my hair out of my face! 

1. High Messy Bun
I wear buns to work when my hair will not do what I want it too! Because I don't have heaps of time in the morning, I have limited time to spend on my hair so this is a quick and easy fix that suits work attire perfectly.

I ususally prefer high, messy buns because I think any other type can sometimes make me look too young! I think that curly / wavy hair looks better with this hairstyle because it gives the bun a bit more volume and it makes the look not too 'tight'.

How to achieve this look.

1. Pull your hair into a high pony tail.

2. When you are putting the hair tie around the hair, don't pull the hair all the way through, instead wrap the hair tie around it a couple of times to form a bun shape.

3. Pull the bun to make the bun not so tight.

(NB: This is the way I do my messy buns but you might have your own way)
 4. A bit of hairspray and your done! 

I choose to pin my fringe back so that it does not annoy me during the day and I also think it looks cuter that way :) 

2. Side Pony Plait
This is another quick and easy hairsyle. I think this hairstyle works better with straight hair (maybe 2nd day) so that there is not too much volume up the top. (I have layers so it looks like I have a mini bob if there is too much curl!)

How to Achieve this look

1. Pull your hair into a side pony tail and secure with a hair tie - I prefer not to use a thick hair tie as a thinner hair tie can make it less little girlish.

2. Plait the pony tail at about a medium tension. Secure with a hair tie.

3. Gently pull at the plait to loosen it up - make sure you don't pull to much!!

Plaited Headband

I love this hairstyle because it keeps all of the hair off of my face but is not too harsh. This looks much nicer on straight hair.

How to achieve this look...

1. Seperate a section of hair behind each ear and plait right down to the bottom and secure.

2. Tie the rest of the hair up in a high pony tail.

3. Place the plaits so they form a headband and pin in place.

- J x
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