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I always start off by applying moisturiser to my face and neck. At the moment I am using Natio's Young range of moisturiser. I do love Natio's products as they are not heavy and great as a starting brand for teenagers.

Sometimes if I am going to be outside or going somewhere after work, I will apply a little bit of face primer after moisturising to make my makeup last longer.


This is such an important step for me because not only do I like the look of filled in brows, but because I usually wear glasses to work, the filled in brows make my eyes stand out from behind my glasses.
I used to use an eye shadow similar to my brow colour, but at the moment I am using AVON's brow pencil in #B03. 

I always apply concealer to my blemishes before I put foundation on. Some people prefer to put concealer on after foundation, but I find it is covered better when put on before. I use Natio's Natural Concealer and apply it on with a Napolean Perdis concealer brush.
For foundation, I am currently loving Revlon's ColorStay (I use Medium Beige, #240). I wanted a foundation that would last all day while I'm at work and this does exactly that. It is also not a heavy foundation and I find I don't have to apply a lot to get a nice coverage. I apply this foundation with a Napolean Perdis foundation brush.


For work, I like to keep my eye makeup pretty minimal. However, since I do wear glasses there are a few tricks I use to make sure my eyes still pop a little from behind the glass.
To start off with, I line my lower water line with a nude eyeliner. At the moment I am using one from AVON. 
Just a bit of a sidetrack, I am loving AVON products at the moment. They are so reasonably priced and they are actually decent products.
Anyway - back to the eyes! After I have lined my water line I use an angled brush and a black eyeshadow from a Natio eyeshadow palette (any black will do fine!) and I very thinly line my top lash line, making sure I am staying close to the lashes. This makes the lashes look thicker and makes them stand out a bit more.
For my eyelashes, I curl them both at the roots and half way up the lashes. This ensures that my eyelashes do not hit my glasses!
I apply mascara (currently I am loving Maybelline The Colossal Volume - Yellow Packaging) 2 coats to my top lashes and one coat to my bottom lashes.


Because I want my makeup to last all day, I set my foundation with a powder. I am using the Revlon ColorStay powder in Medium Beige. Instead of applying with the poof provided, I prefer to use a bit fluffly brush as it puts just enough on my face without it looking cakey.
For blush, I am currently loving a Revlon powder brush I found in a draw at my Mums house - Not sure if they even make this colour still! But it is perfect for minimal makeup as it has a slight pinkish tinge to it but is mostly quite neutral. I apply this with a Natio blusher brush.


I adore this lip colour at the moment - Passionate Pink by AVON.

Finished look!
Sorry about the bad photo quality. I am taking photos on my iPhone and the lighting in my bathroom is not so good for photo taking.

Hope you liked this little insight!
- J x
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