Motivational List...

I have been inspired by my current favourite beauty guru Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter to create a motivational list for life - or more appropriately this weekend haha. 

Her post was about 7 things in 7 days but I am going to start my motivational list with "a few things in 1 weekend".

So...here are a few things I would love to achieve this weekend.

A little bit of DIY

1. Cute pots

I saw these on Pinterest and am so keen to make them.

How cute are they! I am not sure what to put in them though. I would love to grow herbs and vegetables but I think the pots look really cute little, and if I chose vegetables I would need bigger pots!...hmm decisions decisions.

2. Pretty Flower Hair Accessories

Also a Pinterest inspiration, I think that these flowers would look really cute as hair accessories. 

I don't really have any cute hair accessories but I am pretty excited to try these out and see what they look like!

More General Things...
3. Organise housey things

When I moved out of home I was so keen to get organised with everything, but recently I have been a bit on the slack side. This weekend I would really love to get organised and get into some kind of pattern with housework, food etc etc. You don't realise until you move out how much you actually relied on your parents for things (well in my case anyway!). If I was having a bad day or felt sick I knew mum would organise dinner, do the washing and so on. Now I have to fend for myself!

4. And finally...get up to date with my Study

I have just started my Cert 4 in Business Administration and while I am really excited to study again, the OHS unit has really got me unmotivated to study.  I really need to get this unit out the way so that I can move on to a few more interesting units!

You can find Louise's original post here.

- J x

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