Pinterest Pins of the Week

Alright I'll admit it. I am a Pinterest addict. I need my Pinterest fix everyday!

For those who have never heard of Pinterest, it is pretty much a virtual pinboard (hence "Pin-terest"). You can pin images from websites or you can repin images from other people. And I can tell you now, once you start pinning its very, very hard to stop! It gives you so many idea's and has inspired me to try many different makeup, hair, nail and fashion looks as well as a few DIY projects.

If you click on a picture on Pinterest, it will take you to the website the picture was found on.

So, since I pin so much, I thought I would do a weekly overview of my favourite / most recent pins a selection of my boards (that is, if I can choose just one!)

(Click on the headings to go to each board)


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My current favourite trend - bright lips with a simple black eye-lined eye. I thought I could never pull off the bright lip look as it always washed me out BUT - I recently purchased a very pretty bright pink lipstick and wore it out while I was away and LOVED it.


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This was hard to choose because I pin ALOT of nail photo's but at the moment, I love the idea of these glitter ombre nails and cannot wait to try them out (hopefully this weekend)


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LOVE love love this hairstyle at the moment. Once again, I never thought I could pull off buns because they made me look too young. And then I discovered these loose, donut buns on Pinterest.

Have I got you a tinsy tiny bit interested yet?? :)


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Will definitely be wearing this look for summer. A cropped white top with a patterened short or long skirt. So so cute.

Things to Make

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I think these DIY bracelets are super cute and if you watch Ingrid's (Miss Glamorazzi) video they are really easy to make.

You can find my all my Pinterest boards here.

If you would like to find out a little bit more about Pinterest, the click here to go to their help section.

- J x


  1. I adore those nails. They look so beautiful and sparkly.

    1. How cute are they! I might try them out for a wedding I have coming up xx