5 Things in 7 Days - August / September

It's been a while since I did one of these BUT I have a few things I would love to do this week I thought I would write a post about them as doing this seems to make me more motivated!!
PS. I realise this is 5 things in 7 days, not the usual 7 but I want to actually make these achievable!
These are projects / things that I would like to achieve in the next week (or at least begin)
1.  GIY Tote Bag
Miss Glamorazzi (aka Ingrid) posted this on her YouTube channel today and I fell in love instantly. They are so easy to make and look sooo cute. I will be interested to see how durable they really are considering they are only held together with duct tape and staples!
2. GIY Wrap Bracelets
Yep I am loving Ingrid's GIY tutorials so I am going to attempt two this weekend. These bracelets will be a big hit in spring/summer and I love how easy they are, yet they look like store-bought bracelets. The fact that you can customise them (including the tote bags above) really appeals to me.
This seems to be appearing a lot in these lists - but I have another couple of units so I really want to get the bulk of them out the way so that I can finish my course quicker!
4. Start a Knitting Project
I know it is nearing the end of winter, but that does not mean that the knitting has to stop! I found this cute cardign pattern on Ravelry and I think it would make a cute spring / summer item.
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 I love the idea of using knit for the rib and stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl the next) for the body- makes for an easy pattern! My only issue is going to be what colour to knit it in. I love the look of the multi-coloured wool used in the pictures above, but I really want to knit it so that I can get good use out of it.
5. Start Yoga Again
I cannot wait to start Yoga again. I find yoga helps me to forget about the stresses of everyday life and instead concentrate on me. I took a term off during winter and have really noticed the difference in my body.
I am so excited to start these projects and will be sure to blog about them when I have finished them.
- J x


  1. Whenever I watch Ingrid I immediately what to do her GIY tutorials, they look like so much fun. Great post, did you do it all?


  2. I know she is amazing! Her GIY tutorials are so well filmed to make the projects seem so achievable! I haven't started Ingrid's projects yet - but I will start them soon as I want to give a couple of them as presents :) But the rest, yes I have!