New Clothes Haul

As I mentioned in my last post, I have purchased a few new clothing items lately (not that I need anymore!) so I thought I would share them with you because I loves them!

First up are the clothes I bought before going away on my holiday. I wasn't having the best time at work, so I went to Marion for a little retail therapy and got these 3 tops for under $50! (that's for all of them) from Dotti.


I wasn't totally sold on the colour of this top at first, but when I came home and tried it on with black jeans and heels I absolutely loved it (and the price! $10)

I was drawn to this top as soon as I got to the sale racks. The style and the pattern were so cute!


This one was a little bit of a "hmm i'm not too sure what I think but it's only $20 so i'll get it anyway" kind of top. I love the pattern but the sleeves had me unsure - but I brought it home and tried it on with a few different items and loved it!

I purchased the following items while I was away.


I love love love love love this dress. The top of it is absolutely gorgeous and fits me perfectly. The bottom is a high > low cut which I think is very flattering.


I purchased this top from the same shop as the above dress (City Beach I think). As soon as I saw this top I knew I was going to buy it. It is such a pretty top from the way it fits up the top to the flowyness of the bottom.


This dress is going tp be perfect for summertime! I cannot wait to wear it. I love the lace and the detailing at the end of the bow.

I also purchased a gorgeous floral skirt which I will post here once I get a photo of it!

And lastly, I purchased this jacket yesterday. I was drawn to the colour of it and when it scanned at $40 I couldn't resist.


The sleeves do not go all the way down my arms which I think is cute and means I will be able to wear it during spring / summer!

No more shopping for me for a while!!


- J x


  1. All are gorgeous, but I'm particularly LOVING the second top! x x

  2. Thanks Alice! Yes I do love that one too xx