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I recently read this blog post by Helen from Recycled Interiors about the trend towards having plants indoors and why they are good for your overall wellbeing.

Plants are great for your health for a number of reasons. They take the carbon dioxide from the air and through the process of photosynthesis, they turn it into oxygen which they then release back into the air. This increases the oxygen levels in the room, and increases the levels of oxygen we breathe in. Studies have also shown plants have other benefits such as fighting colds, improving our moods and making us think better.

I think indoor plants really do add that extra something to your home. As such...

I would love to introduce my new range of fabric planters which will soon be available in my Etsy shop Little Miss Lorraine. These fabric planters are perfect for dressing up otherwise boring indoor plant pots. They will be available in a number of different patterns and sizes so keep an eye out for them this week!

What are your thoughts on plants indoors? Do you have indoor plants - if you do, have you noticed any difference in your health / wellbeing?



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