Side Table Makeover | How We Achieved It

Last month my partner and I finally finished making over 2 side tables we received from a family friend (featured in my 30 Day Snap here.) I love the way they turned out so I thought I would share with you how we achieved it! 

NB: This is not a tutorial! 

The Process

This was what they looked like before. The wood was scratched and not in the best condition and the mesh inside the top square was falling apart. 

First of all we took the door off and painted the whole thing a greyish white colour (2 coats). My partner the took the door apart to make the 2 squares become one large rectangle and painted it.

He then inserted glass into the rectangle and made a frame around the outside. I think we got the glass for around $13 for both panels. We finished the outside of the door and the table with a coat of clear gloss to protect the paint.

For the inside, I found this cool self adhesive film from Bunnings in the wallpaper section. At around $4 for 1.5M I didn't think it was bad value! It took us 4 to complete the inside of both. This was the trickiest part of the project, and took me a while to complete. You have to be careful not to bubble the contact or let it stick to itself!
I couldn't have done it without using a Stanley Knife. It was so much easier to cut the contact with this (and a ruler!) than it was with scissors.

The Finished Product

I think they look so much better. I love being able to take something old and making it new again! It would have been such a waste to have thrown these away.
- J x

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