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I was very excited when I received these in the post yesterday. I have been wanting new brushes for a while now but haven't been able to find a set of them that I really liked. As my partner pointed out "don't you have enough brushes already?!" Yes I do, but they are random brushes I've had for a few years now and I really wanted a new, uniformed set. Because I do spend more time on my makeup now and I do other peoples makeup occassionally, I really wanted a good quality brush set to use. 

I love this makeup artistry brush range from bubzbeauty. Bubz was one of the first YouTubers I subscribed to and I've been watching her videos for over 2 years. I knew these brushes would be well made and having seen Bubz use them on herself, I was pretty confident I would like them without having to see them first. 

The brushes come rolled up in a gorgeous leather pouch. This will make it so easy for me to take away with me and will also give me more space on my bathroom vanity. (I'm currently using this to store my brushes)

You can see the features of this pack here.
The thing that really got me in was the HD brush. I have a brush similar to this at the moment and I love the extra coverage it gives me when I'm out.

The brushes are sooo soft! And I absolutely love the hot pink and black combination. 
My old brushes will be divided between my Mum and my Sister. I am going to keep a couple that weren't included in this pack (lip brush & angled liner brush) just because I use these on a regular basis.

You can purchase the brushes from the bubzbeauty store here.

- J x
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