Last "Lust Have It!" Beauty Box - September

This is the last beauty box I will be receiving (if you would like to know why, please see my "Lust Have It!" - August post.
Dermalogica PreClense
This PreClenser get rid of any oils etc in your skin before you begin cleansing. I have used dermalogica products before and did like them - but they are so expensive! I will probably try and work this into my usual skin care routine and see if it does anything for my skin!
Dermalogica Active Toner
This Toner is actually a spray bottle - you spray it on your face and follow with moisturizer after.
The Dermalogica products also came with a promotion card - free dermalogica facial treatment valued at $90 (catch - youhave to spend $50 on their products first which, considering the price of them, would be equivalent to 1 product!)
Davroe Ultimatum Non Aerosol Hairspray
This product actually caught my attention. It supposedly has a long lasting hold and gives the hair extra shine - I will definitely be trying this one out!
The Davroe Hairsoray also comes with 2 promotional cards - Claim a free davroe styling product - I will be looking further into this!
Mirenesse "Protect Me" - Tinted or Regular
Holy moly - $69 for 18g of this product! This is an anti-ageing balm with mineral sunscreens infused into it (they protect against UVA and UVB) I will give it a try to see if it is truly worth the money - but to be honest I'm only 21 - so I'm not looking for an anti-ageing cream just yet!
Say it With Scent - Green Tea or Vanilla or Frangipani
I received the Green Tea hand or body lotion. Another lotion! My bathroom cupboard is full of these lotion samples...one day I might get around to trying them all!
Overall - a pretty expensive box this month! But as few products I am looking forward to trying.
- J x

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