Now I can start creating!

I finally got my sewing machine back from being serviced! This means I can start on the long list of projects I have on my wishlist.

My machine is Bernina 830 Record. Whilst this is very much an older style machine (i.e. ridiculously heavy, and no modern, touch screen, electronic gadgets) it has a very special place in my life.

 This used to be my Grandma's sewing machine. My Grandma is an amazing sewer - she even made some of her daughters wedding dresses! Her and Mum made most of our clothes when we younger, and Grandma always encouraged us to sew when we would go and stay with them. We even had our own sewing boxes! I was very humbled when she asked me if I would like it - there are a lot of cousins on Mum's side, so it was definitely a privilege!

 Not quite as technical as some!

But so easy to use and has lasted / should still last a very long time :)

My first small project will be a door stop for my friend Ashton - watch out for that tutorial in the next couple of days!

- J x

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