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One of my favourite bloggers Merrick, from Merricks Art, is currently completing a "Pinterest Challenge." This challenge requires you to pick 6 pins from your Pinterest boards and your aim is to complete them in 6 weeks. 1 pin a week. This is a great way to actually start doing or using the things you have pinned.

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

I, as a fellow Pinterest addict, am also going to participate in this challenge! Here are the 6 pins I am going to be using (in no particular order):

 Baked Cauliflower Poppers
I have seen quite a few of this type of cauliflower recipe floating around so I am really interested to see if it really does taste like chips!
DIY Couch Covers
Our couches are granny-floral so i'm going to (attempt to) recover them!

DIY Ironing Folding Table
Such a genius idea! I'm getting Kenneth on to building me a folding table so I can try this out.

Fashionable Fabric Key Chain
I do have a spot in my bag for my keys but they hardly ever find their way in there. Here's hoping this helps me find my keys easier...

The Spring Cardi
So cute. So easy. Just need to find some cute material to give this one a go.

Tea Lights
Easy and it looks so good! Am going to try these on my dining table.
I will keep you posted on each of these projects to let you know how I went!
- J x

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