Camera Bag | DIY

My parter recently purchased a new lense for his camera and therefore needed a bigger camera bag! I found this tutorial from Creating Happiness on Pinterest and decided to check it out.

It took me a good half a day to piece it all together (I had cut out all the pieces the day before) and I managed to successfully sew a zipper for the first time! I think it looks so cute (although I was trying to go for "manly" haha) the tutorial had lots of pictures and instructions and was really easy to follow. 

If I were to make one again however, I would want to change a few things. 

- I would make the outside material more durable (which would require some research)
- I would want to come up with a better way to reinforce and pad out the bag. I used foam and carboard but feel like there is probably a better way!

In the end it's never going to be as good as a store bought one, but this will do us for now and I had a really fun time making it!

- J x

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