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I finally took the plunge and coloured my hair. Yes - I made it into my 20's with my natural hair colour! I have never been interested in colouring my hair as I really like the colour of it! It is slightly darker in winter which is great and in summer I get slight blond / red streaks in my hair.

For a while now, I have been wanting something different with my hair. I have the thickest hair and I cannot cut it because I will look like a triangle head (picture Grug on my head! And if you have never heard of Grug then shame on you!) I really like the sublte ombre look so I headed to Pinterest to find some inspiration.

image from pinterest

image from pinterest (cannot find the link sorry)
I really liked both of these looks but it is a bit too much blond for what I was after.
Then I found this one and loved it! It is subtle enough not to be too blonde, but gives the hair a little bit of colour and definition.
subtle brunette ombre. I always say I wouldn't color my hair unless it was the slightest subtlest ombre. Not blonde just a lighter brown
Image from Pinterest
Here is my hair during and after!

My hairdresser used a "mocha" coloured brown on the ends because it was a much warmer tone than blonde and blended nicely with my original colour. One of the things I really loved was that because I had not coloured my hair previously, she was able to use a toner and not bleach! 
Below are a few of my tips on colouring your hair for the first time.
1. Find a few pictures of colour / looks you like. 
It is better to have a few as one may not be perfect for your hair. Make sure you show them to your hairdresser so that you are both on the same page.
2. Less is more.
My hairdresser agreed that the above colour was a good idea as it is not too much colour for a first timer, and because it is not near the roots I can grow it out easily. It is also more manageable as I will not have to tend to the colour as often.

3. Talk to your hairdresser. 
As step 2 shows, they will know what will look good and what won't on your hair. 

4. Trust your hairdresser.
I think this is one of the most important things when it comes to doing something different with your hair. If you are not sure your hairdresser will do the greatest job, or that they won't be honest with their opinions (see step 3), I suggest you look elsewhere. I fully trust my hairdresser (I have been going to her since the early 2000s) and knew she would do what is best for my hair and make it look great. 

Do you colour your hair or is it still natural? I was so scared to take the step of colouring my hair but I am so glad I did! 

- J x

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