4 Tips for a Relaxing Bath

A little while ago I wrote a post about the 4 ways to create the perfect yoga environment. Today I want to talk about 4 ways to have a more relaxing bath.

I have to admit, I never used to enjoy baths. I always felt hot, sweaty and "bleh" after them. I now know the reason that I never enjoyed these baths was because I wasn't creating the right environment. After I realised this, I changed the way I approached my baths and have been loving them ever since!

Appropriate Lighting

I believe choosing appropriate lighting can help to create the right environment for a relaxing bath. I usually bathe at night, so I choose to use candles to light the room. They are not as bright as a normal light, and I find it much more peaceful.

The Perfect Water Temperature

This is really tricky to get right and I NEVER get it perfect every time. I usually get my partner to run my baths as he seems much better at judging water temperature than me! The key is to have a bath that is warm enough to stay warm for a while, but not too warm that it is going to burn you! I find that I feel really crappy if I am in a bath that is too hot.

Keeping Technology at Bay

I am not going to sit here and pretend I always turn off my technology when I am having a bath, however if you can leave your technology out of your bath routine, I can guarantee you it will be more relaxing.  I usually put my music on and make sure my phone is out of reach so that I am not tempted to touch it..

Music or No Music?

Speaking of music, I love listening to music whilst I am having a bath. Again, like yoga, listening to music whilst having a bath is a personal choice. For me, the music helps me calm down from a busy day and relax whilst keeping all of my thoughts at bay. I usually listen to meditation, indie or acoustic music.

Do you prefer showers or baths? I would love to hear about how you set up your perfect relaxing bath environment.


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