Khaki Mathilde Blouse | DIY

This is the first version of the Mathilde Blouse I have made by Tilly Walnes and I am pretty happy with how it has turned out!

I am not going to lie, the tucks were hard to do! Tilly's instructions were very helpful, but I found it hard to get them all lined up and sitting correctly. 

I decided last minute to make the sleeves shorter (something I should have thought about before I cut them out!) but they turned out quite nicely. This was also due to the fact the sleeves with the cuff were not quite turning out how I wanted them to!

I was very proud of the fact my buttons and button holes lined up properly! I have never been very good at button holes, however whilst making this top I discovered I was using the wrong sewing machine foot! Once I changed to the one I should be using (it allows you to see a lot more) the button holes turned out perfectly  I also discovered my machine has a button foot which made sewing on the buttons so much quicker and means they are much more stable!

I am not a huge fan of the material. I love the colour, but it was quite a cheap fabric and is very prone to creasing (as you might be able to tell!)

I am in the middle of making a second Mathilde Blouse - very similar to this one Tilly made for herself so keep an eye out!

Have you made any of Tilly's patterns? 



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