Spotted Mathilde Blouse | DIY

I have finished my second Mathilde Blouse by Tilly Walnes (you can find my first one here) and I am in love! I learnt a lot from making my first blouse and I think this one worked out so much nicer. I loved the very similar blouse Tilly made and knew I had to make one for myself. 

I decided to go with gathers this time as opposed to the tucks. Whilst the tucks look really nice when they are done properly, I found them quite hard last time! Also I think tucks look great on plain material, however they can get a bit lost in a pattern. 

I was a but unsure about the fullness of the sleeves, so last time I cut them short. However this time I decided to give the sleeves ago and I am so happy I did. I absolutely love them! The way they are finished is gorgeous.

I found these gorgeous buttons from Skullbuttonry on Etsy. The buttons are very reasonably priced and all of the proceeds go to charity. I love the look of the wooden buttons with the black and white spots.

I would definitely make another one of these! I have got quite a few sewing projects planned so keep an eye out for posts on those as I finish them :)

What are you currently sewing??


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