Bosch Glue Gun | First Impressions (perfect last minute Christmas idea!)

If you are a lover of any form of DIY I highly recommend you invest in a Bosch GluePen. I received mine as an early Christmas present from Santa (aka my Dad!) and have been so impressed with how amazing this product is.

It is basically the same idea as a hot glue gun - only better! It has a lithium battery which means it is used without cords, a massive plus in my books! The battery will last continuously for around 30 minutes and doesn't take very long to charge. 

The glue pen is so easy to use. All you need to do is insert the glue stick into the hole at the back of the pen and push down on the red lever until the glue comes out! The way the glue pen is designed means that it is very easy to be precise with the glue which means less mess! The glue does not string like a normal glue gun which is fantastic. The outside of the gun does not get hot (only to bottom section & the tip) which makes it a great tool for children to use as well (with supervision of course!)

The glue dries very quickly and once it has dried it is very strong. 

I have been very impressed so far and have a whole list of projects in my head that I will be using this for!!

The glue pen would make the perfect Christmas present, and for around $50 it is very reasonably priced.

Have you heard of / tried the glue pen before? What are your thoughts?


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