28 Day Heart Opening Challenge | Yoga

As I mentioned in this post earlier in the week, I am participating in the 28 Day Heart Opening Yoga Project run by my favourite online Yogi Candace from Yoga by Candace.

Candace asked us to choose a pose to work on throughout the 28 days and post weekly check in photos to see how far we are progressing.

Here is my first check in photo for the project!

I have chosen pigeon pose and will be aiming to move into king pigeon by the end of the month. Pigeon pose is actually one of my favourites, but I can't say I find the full pigeon pose easy

Have you every participated in a yoga challenge / project? I love Candace's projects as they really help you to further your yoga, not just focus on a pose a day.

What I'm Wearing
Cotton On Body Sports Top (Cotton On - a few years ago) // Supre Shorts (Supre - a few years ago)



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