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Recently I have been experiencing a rut with my yoga practice. I am down to one session a week at the moment and to be honest - I feel like I could miss that too!

Last year I made these yoga goals. I feel now like I put too much pressure on myself to meet all my goals each week. Whilst I was hoping making these goals would help to extend my yoga practice, they have made me not enjoy my practice as much as I used to.

I think it is good to take time to re-evaluate your goals (in all aspects of your life) so today I am sitting down and re-establishing my own yoga goals.

Here is an overview of my own re-established yoga goals for my home practice.

1.  Practice yoga at least 1 morning on the weekend and every night before bed
I know now how difficult it is for me to try and attempt yoga throughout the work week at home. I find it much easier to fit in my yoga practice on a Saturday / Sunday morning. I would also like to include more night yoga to relax my ever-racing mind before bed.

2. Push myself to attend both my yoga / stretch classes even if I do not feel like going
Sometimes I find it is very easy to find an excuse not to attend a class. I really want to push myself to go to all my classes as I always feel better afterwards. It is sometimes just the thought of going that is so hard!

3. Include more meditation into my practice
This is one of the hardest thing for me to incorporate into my practice. I enjoy relaxation at the end of my classes, however I can never seem to sit still for long enough. My mind races with all of the other things I should be doing. I am going to try a few guided meditations to help me stay focused and clear my mind. 

4. Keep a consistent yoga routine, adding in new poses every-so-often
Last time, a couple of my yoga goals talked about adding a new pose every week and trying a new routine every week. I thought this would be a good way to help me extend my practice - I was wrong! Not having a consistent practice routine has meant I am all over the shop and as a result I have lost a lot of interest in my yoga practice as it all became too hard. Now I want to try and keep a consistent yoga practice, and slowly add in new poses when I feel the need. 

You will notice these are quite different to the goals I had set out last time. I am in a completely different head space at the moment and need a more consistent / basic approach to my yoga practice.

Are you a goal setter? Maybe it is the list maker in me that loves to set myself goals.



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