Easy Smokey Eye | Tutorial

I have finally worked out the easiest way for me to achieve the perfect smokey eye. This tutorial will be helpful to those of us who are not trained make up artists!

This concept with work with any colours you choose. I have done this look with black, brown and purple (separate looks, not all of those colours together!) and each time it has turned out just how I pictured it!

For this look you will need:

- 2 or 3 colours of your choice
- Angled brush, small fluffy brush and large fluffy brush
- Your favourite mascara.

NB: When it comes to choosing your colours, there are a few tips I have learnt along the way. If you are choosing 3 like I did in this tutorial, you will need a light colour (e.g. a cream) a dark colour (e.g. brown) and then a colour in between the 2 (e.g. light brown or gold) also known as a mid-tone colour. If you are only using 2 shadows, I would stick to a dark colour and a mid-tone colour to make the look not as harsh.

On to the tutorial!

(I have chosen to use 3 colours in this tutorial. If you have only chosen 2, use your darkest colour as your mid-tone colour; just don't build up the colour as much)
Step 1 | Base

Using the lightest colour you have, sweep this all the way over your lid. If you are using a colour such as cream, you can also take the colour right up into your brow bone for a nice highlight.

Step 2 | Mid tone

Using your next darkest colour and a small fluffy brush, sweep the eyeshadow into your crease using right-to-left windscreen wiper motions. Also, place this colour on the outside of your lid and gently bring it in towards the centre of the lid (not all the way)

I sometimes stop at this step and wear this look to work during the week (with mascara of course) It gives my eyes definition without looking like I have too much make-up on!
Step 3 | Darkest Colour
Using your darkest colour and your small fluffy brush, place the eyeshadow on the outer portion of the lid.
Then using your big fluffy brush, gently blend along the crease line to bring the look together.

Step 4 | Line the top lash line
Taking a black eyeshadow and your angled brush, line the top lash line from the outer corner of the lid to 3/4 of the way across the lid. This will make your lashes appear fuller. You can line the waterline as well if you like, however on me this makes my eyes look too dark!

Step 6 | Mascara
Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes and this look is now complete! For smokey eyes, I love Maybellines "the Colossal Volum' Express" in Cat Eye.
I hope this tutorial has been helpful! It has taken me a few years to really perfect my version of a smokey eye, so don't get too frustrated if it doesn't work the first time! Also, try out different tutorials to see which one will work best for your eye shape :)
- J x

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