On Trend | How to Wear Knitted Headbands

Knitted headbands are the in thing this winter. They are great for keeping your ears warm without having a beanie on your head. You may have seen me mention these twisted knitted headbands that I made in a previous post. Today I'm going to show you a few different ways you can wear them.

Look 1 | Boho

Step 1. Part your hair in the middle
Step 2. Put the headband over your hair and tuck in any strays
And your done!

Look 2 | Fringe Out

Step 1. If you have a fringe, make sure you style it how you would like it to sit.
Step 2. Place the headband behind your fringe.
Your done!
Both of these looks would also look great with curly or wavy hair.


Look 3 | Pony Tail or Bun

Step 1. Style your hair in a pony tail or bun. These headbands look cuter with a high pony tail or bun.
Step 2. Place the headband on the head.
Your done!
They are such a versatile accessory, and can be worn both casually and more dressed up.
- J x

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