Work Hairstyles | Vol 2

I have been wearing these hairstyles a lot lately. I love them because they are so easy and they take no time in the mornings to do. They are also great because they keep the hair out of my face and I don't have to worry about them for the whole day.
For these hairstyles you will need...
- Hair Elastic
- Bobby Pins
- Hairspray (optional)
NB: These hairstyles all incorporate braids. If you are unsure how to braid, this video from Kayley at Letsmakeitup1 will show you a few basic braids and how to achieve them.
Hairstyle 1 | Braided Fringe
Step 1. Part your hair to the far right / left (depending on which side you have your fringe on)
Step 2. You can either dutch braid or french braid your fringe until the side of your forehead. From here, continue plaiting your fringe until just above your ear.
Step 3. Lift your hair above your ear and pin the braid above the ear, using 2 bobby pins crossed over each other to keep the braid in place.
Step 3. Let your hair back down again so that it covers the braid and the bobby pins and you are done!
 Hairstyle 2 | Braided Fringe & Pony Tail
Follow the steps for hairstyle 1, but put your hair up into a pony tail. If you have any funny bumps behind the braid, just bobby pin them down.
Hairstyle 3 | French Braid into a Bun
 Step 1. Start your braid from the opposite side to your fringe and french braid the hair diagonally to the other side, stopping when you reach the side of your head. You want to braid pretty tight and then loosen off after to give it more texture.
Step 2. Put the rest of your hair into a side messy bun and pin if needed to keep it in place  
Hope you enjoy these hairstyles! I'm sure there will be another instalment soon. Click here for Vol 1.
- J x



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