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Hands up if you are addicted to Pinterest *raises both hands.* How can you not be? There are so many pretty, amazing, interesting and yummy things to look at. As I am writing this post, I have 22 boards and 2,286 pins! (Feel free to stalk them here if you do not already)

This year I have been making it a habit to clean out my boards on a regular basis. There are 2 main reasons for this...

1. I forget about what I have Pinned!
How often do you actually go back and look at your pins? I find that by making myself clean up my boards, I am looking back at my own pins more often and rediscovering pins that I have totally forgotten about.

2. My taste changes.
There are quite a lot of things I have pinned previously that when I look back on them now, are no longer what I want / like / need. I believe your Pinterest boards should be kept up to date like everything else in your life. What is the point of keeping things that no longer apply to you anymore?

Just like when I clean out things in my home or life, I personally gain a real sense of satisfaction from cleaning out my Pinterest boards.

How often do you go back through your Pinterest boards? Do you need to have a clean out?

- J x

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