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I found some seriously great bargains today. Mum and I decided to have a look in Spotlight as they had a fantastic promotion - spend over $100 and get $40 off! This was perfect timing because there were a few things that I really wanted to get.

 Olfa Cutting Mat
originally $84.95 // VIP sale price $63.71 // price after promotion $41.33

I have wanted a cutting mat for soooo long however I have been putting it off and putting it off because they can be quite pricey. There was a lovely lady (also a customer) who gave Mum and I some great suggestions for which one to buy and why. She told us the Olfa cutting mats were very top of the range and hers has lasted her at least 20 years! They are a great quality mat and they are self healing (so cuts will not show up on the mat after use). For $40 this was an absolute bargain! 

 Olfa Rotary Cutter

I was lucky enough to grab this Olfa rotary cutter from my Aunty (it was originally my Grandmas) as she has never used it.

Fakefur Fox 
originally $34.98 (0.5M) // price after promotion $22.69

I am absolutely in love with this material. I really wanted a faux fur vest but there were none in the shops that were to my taste and they can also be quite expensive. In the end, Mum and I decided we would try and make one! (I will be sure to post about this once we have gotten around to it.)

Sunsilky Lining in Charchol
originally $9.95 (1M) // price after promotion $6.45 

 Not very exciting - but this is the lining for the jacket!

Sure Sew Interfacing in White
originally $5 (2M) // price after promotion $3.24

Again - not that exciting! I will be using this to trace patterns on to and use as pattern pieces.

Ribbonz in Black
originally $0.20 // price after promotion $0.13

This will always come in handy! And for $0.13 it was a total steal.

 Klasse Dress Serrated Scissors

I also needed better quality dress makers scissors as mine were very cheap and not the cleanest cut for material as they had also been used to cut paper (which blunts the blades!) These were purchased separately from the above with a voucher I still had left over from Christmas.

We also made a quick trip into The Shoe Shed as I really needed new black flats that were not suede. I have had a really hard time finding non-suede flats, but I fell in love as soon as I saw these! And I also had 25% off voucher from The Entertainment Book which meant these only cost me $26.20!! 

How nice is the leopard print!

And the cute black and gold bows!!!  ** (can you spot me in the picture above? hehe)

Love, love, love! They also come in a stone colour which I will be on the look out for in my local Shoe Shed (they did not have my size in the one I was at today!)

I am so pleased with all my bargain purchases today! It makes you feel so good when you can save money on the things you want!

What have you been up to this weekend!

- J x

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  1. Woohoo!! You got a cutting mat, no stopping you now. What size did you get? I must pop down to Spotlight and utilize that voucher too. Can't wait to see the vest you whip up. Xxx

    1. I know I am very excited. Will be trying it out tomorrow! I am pretty sure its the 24x36 inches one (the biggest size they had) which will be great for making clothes etc. What size do you have? You definitely need to get down there - the voucher is so worth it! I can't wait to make the vest so hopefully it turns out okay (Mum will be helping me with that one) xxx