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I purchased this cork board from somewhere like The Reject Shop or Cheap as Chips (for around $2 or $3) a few years ago and have never really used it. I was inspired by Kristina Karlsson's (Founder of Kikki-K) blog post about her vision board and decided the cork board would be perfect for making my own vision board! You can purchase a vision board from Kikki-K, however if you would like to make one much cheaper, keep reading!

This project is really easy. You will need:

- Cork board with frame
- Paint
- Mod Podge (Matt or Gloss depending on your personal preferences. I am using Matt)
- Sponge brush (side note: I am loving these for craft projects at the moment. They spread the product evenly and are so easy to clean!
- Paper to decorate the frame
- Pins 
- The items you would like to put on your board.

Step 1 | (optional) Paint the cork board the colour of your choice. I chose Antique White.

Step 2 | Cut out the paper you will need to decorate the frame (strips of around 5cm wide)

Step 3 | Apply the Mod Podge to the back of the paper and stick it on to the frame

Step 4 | Once you have covered the whole frame, give it a top coat of Mod Podge to seal it.

Step 5 | Decorate your board! (In progress!) 

It really is that simple. The best thing is you can change the images whenever you like!

Do you have a vision board or something similar? 

- J x

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