Cheap & Easy Wall Calendar | DIY

This DIY whiteboard calendar was so easy to make! I loved the idea of using one of these in our office so that it was easy for everyone to see when things were happening, when bills were due etc.


White Board - The Reject Shop, $8
Permanent Texta
Whiteboard Markers

Step 1 | Draw your Calendar

Decide on your spacing and then use your permanent texta to draw in the grid. I worked on 7 boxes across (for the 7 days) and 7 boxes down (1 line of boxes for the days and 6 for the weeks as there are a couple of months that take up 6 weeks)

Oops! I didn't actually want the lines all the way to the top! But I used permanent texta! Not to worry - did you know that if you draw over permanent texta on a white board with whiteboard marker it will simply rub out? No joke! Try it out for yourself.

Step 2 | Mark in the Days

I found these gorgeous letter banners from Kensie Kate - how cute are the colours!

I applied Mod Podge to the back of the banners with a small paint brush - any craft glue should do the trick!

Step 3 | Add in the month & the dates

All you will need to do now is fill in the Month and the dates in whiteboard maker. This way you can change the whiteboard each month. I have also started using the last row to mark in important dates for the next month.

Only 3 steps! Super easy and super cute.



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