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When we moved in to our new home, I was certain I was not going to have sheer curtains underneath my outer curtains. We had them in the unit we rented and whilst they were not the worst sheer curtains I had ever seen, I thought the windows looked much more modern without them.

After a few days of being in our house however, I knew we needed to add sheer curtains to the bedroom windows. We live on a main road and as our bedroom is at the front of the house, it faces the road. Therefore my main reason for getting sheer curtains was the privacy! We were having to close the outer curtains every time we got changed or didn't want passerby's to see us.

As soon as we put the sheer curtains up last weekend I knew we had made the right decision! Not only did the sheer curtains provide us with some much needed privacy, but they also made the room look softer. It made the bedrooms feel more homely and warm.

These sheer curtains were definitely worth the money. They were not the most expensive at $15ish a meter, however they are certainly much nicer than the cheaper lace ones (in my opinion!)

A few tips on adding sheer curtains to a room

1. You may need to spend that little bit more than you want to get a nicer finish. Sometimes sheer curtains may not seem like the most important curtain, but in reality we spend more time looking at them than we do our outer curtains (which we tend to spend more money on!)

2. If you are making the sheer curtains like we did, measure the width of your window and times this by 3. This allows you to get the beautiful gathered / draping effect. We chose to have one large curtain, however you may like to split the curtain in to two so you get the split down the middle. These curtains came with the top placard (the place where you put the rod / hooks) so all we (or should I say Mum!) had to do was hem the sides and the bottom.

3. Before you hem the bottom of your curtains, I would suggest you put them up in place first so you can ensure they are the right length. We did measure the drop of ours, however when we did a trial hang, we found we needed to let them down slightly. Sheer curtains look much better when they are just off the ground. Mum hemmed a double hem (folding the bottom up twice) which finishes them off nicely.

Yes - I know I can sew! But with the craziness of moving and having to set up my sewing machine, my Mum was happy to help out and sew them for me! 

You can buy pre-made curtains if you do not wish to sew them. 

What are your thoughts on sheer curtains? Would you have them in your home?



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