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I am not a very sporty person. Ask me to run and I would probably pass out! I've tried gym memberships, but after a few weeks it loses its appeal and I stop going. I had tried yoga and polities classes before, but I never went to them on a regular basis. This was up until the beginning of last year when my naturopath encouraged me to come along to her classes. Because she was my naturopath, I felt like a had to go because otherwise she would be on to me!

After now attending yoga classes for the pass 2 years, and this year 2 classes a week, I am absolutely loving the benefits I am seeing. For those who have not been to a yoga class, it is not just about being able to touch your toes. If you are doing it properly, you should feel the stretches all over your body and it can be quite an intense work out.

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There are many benefits to yoga. Not only does it help with flexibility, but it also helps to tone and sculpt your body. Yoga is also great exercise for your mind, by helping you focus on you and your breathing, letting the stresses of life slip away. This has been especially beneficial for me as I am a big thinker and worrier, so it allows me to focus on myself and not my thoughts.

If you suffer from things such as stress, anxiety or depression, I would highly suggest you take up yoga on a regular basis. It has been and still is a fantastic way for me to focus on myself, and I am definitely a better person from doing it.
If you need a little bit of inspiration, Rachel Brathen a very experienced yoga teacher and daily yogi who posts videos, pictures and inspiring words on her facebook everyday as well as her other social media outlets. Keep in mind she is a very experienced yoga teacher so do not expect to look like her straight away!
Have you tried yoga or something similar before?

- J x

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